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This Boat Called Near and Far Journey in Search for the Centre of the Universe

Many go through life not knowing their final destination. Many would be confused by what they've been told or not told through their ancestral or religious affinity. However, for a large amount of humanity (better known today as 'consumers'), knowledge about the existence of God, and life beyond the Here and Now, doesn't really enter their minds or scope of interest. So preparation for what may lay ahead is not as important as where they want to go for their holidays or how to pay their growing cell-phone bills.

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What made a rock-star icon come down from the sky and put his head to the ground like a slave; hang up his guitar; change his name and start running a network of charitable schools and institutions?

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My Peace Book Music: A Question of Faith or Da'wah

If everybody believed and followed one way, there would be no wars and peace would fill the earth. But part of God’s plan is to test everyone with what they have been given. All the messengers and Prophets came to teach how to worship One God and be good to each other...


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Exploring the foundations and opinions of using music in light of the traditional Islamic teachings. This is the most recent material written by Yusuf Islam about this topic.

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This Boat Called Near and Far
Avoiding Darkness
Chinese Whiskers
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Peace Notes
The Muslim Citizen In A Global Village
Music: A Question of Faith or Da'wah
Celebrating the Prophet (pbuh)
Journey in Search for the Centre of the Universe








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