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An Other Cup: Yusuf

Yusuf's (formerly Cat Stevens) first album of modern pop songs since 1978's Back to Earth. On his return to music, Yusuf says "I feel right about making music and singing about life in this fragile world again.

The Life of The Last Prophet: Special Edition Digibook

The influence of Muhammad's prophethood is visible in everything that the world now contains: beliefs and patterns of thought, culture and civilization, morals and modes of living, knowledge and learning. In short, all spheres of human endeavor. Strange indeed, therefore, that so many people on the face of the earth today have little or no knowledge of the life and mission of this last great Prophet of God and his historical impact on the world that we live in.... read more

Footsteps in the Light (compilation album)

Footsteps in the Light celebrates an era spanning from 1981 to 2006 of songs by Yusuf Islam. From his first release of 'A is for Allah' recorded in 1981 for his daughter Hasanah, to the more recent Angel of War and Wild World (Bana, Bana). The CD album includes a 24 page lyric booklet with comments by Yusuf on the reasons for recording each track.


Cat Stevens Gold

Featuring 32 classical Cat Stevens Tracks including the unedited version of "Indian Ocean"

Indian Ocean (single)

Indian Ocean is a song recorded by Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) in aid of the countless children orphaned in tsunami-hit Indonesia.

Night of Remembrance

Commemorating 20 years of Islamia Schools, the Night of Remembrance charity event at the Royal Albert Hall on 20th October 2003 saw Yusuf Islam joined by friends from around the world to celebrate this momentous occasion and share the universal message of peace.

I Look, I See

I Look, I See contains nine lively and inspirational songs for children. With its short teaching inserts it offers a new and melodic approach to helping children learn the beauty of creation, good morals and love for God and His final messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him).

A is for Allah

Yusuf Islam’s classic Audio Book narration for A is for Allah. It took 20 years for Yusuf Islam to develop A is for Allah from a song to a monumental and attractive work.

Prayers of The Last Prophet

Prayers of The Last Prophet (s) is the follow-up to the hugely successful The Life of the Last Prophet , and contains a collection of du’as (supplications) as used by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

A is for Allah
It took 20 years for Yusuf Islam to develop A is for Allah from a song to a monumental and attractive work. The book comprises 68 beautiful full colour pages and over 40 photographs describing, for children and adults, the essence of Islam through the Arabic alphabet.

Prayers of The Last Prophet
Containing a small selection of Prophetic supplications and Qur'anic verses and is the accompanying book to the CD and cassette of the same title.


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